New Modern Furniture, Custom Designed and Handmade:
In Brooklyn for 15 years, and now in Holyoke, Massachusetts, we have have shipped furniture all around the world:  using mostly salvaged logs, with unusual grains, combining these with metals and other materials.  From dining and conference tables, beds, and sideboards to desks, dressers, and seating, our furniture is made to endure, and become more relevant across generations.

Our new studio in the mill city of Holyoke, Massachusetts:
Now 90% of our electricity is sustainably produced outside our door through a network of turbines, spinning with the steady flow of the mighty Connecticut River.  We are proud to be part of the revival of this 150 year-old industrial city, once the capitol of paper manufacturing.  The shimmering canal outside our windows connects us to the mountains, the sea, and to the spectacular forests of New England.  If we are too far from you, we can e-mail photos and sketches and send finish samples back and forth.