Helical Shelves

This bookshelf spins on bearings mounted to the floor and ceiling. Because it can be free-standing in a room, it can serve as a room divider, filtering the space between a living and dining area, for example. It also sits well in a corner, perhaps at the end of a couch or bed, its rotation allowing access to all levels. It can easily be customized for different ceiling heights, and made in different woods and metals.

Shown in Poplar and Blackened Steel
Shown at H:96″W:24″D:24″
Price Range: $3,600–$5,000

This piece is Made to Order, and so can be made in any size, in a variety of wood, metal or other material finishes.

Lead Time for custom pieces varies from 6-12 weeks depending on workflow and complexity. Call us for current timing if you have constraints.

The Price Range above gives a good estimate for many options. An actual price will vary by material, finish, and size.