We finish our pieces with a hand-rubbed blend of linseed oil, tung oil, and alkyd resins, which together provide good protection and a medium luster while giving the wood depth. This finish is also eminently maintainable. With a little attention and effort, our furniture should have a life far beyond he or she who ordered it.

Routine cleaning is easily done with a soft damp rag or sponge. Do not use cleansers or soaps or scouring pads of any sort.

All of our furniture benefits from a periodic rubbing with some kind of oil for the health of the wood. This could be tung oil, orange oil, mineral oil, or one of many commercially available oil-based products. Apply and remove with a rag and glove, as necessary. Once every several months, this oil should be rubbed in with “0000” steel wool (the finest grade) to maintain the luster of the finish.

Small scratches, rings, or stains can be easily rubbed out with any of the above oil products, “0000” steel wool (the finest grade), and a little elbow grease. Pour some oil on the piece and rub with the steel wool while wet. Dry with a rag or paper towel when complete.

Deep scratches or dents can often be steamed out with a wet cloth and an iron. First scuff the surface around the spot with “000” steel wool (fine). Place part of a wet cloth over the spot and press it in with an iron set to its hottest. Be careful not to touch the furniture directly with the iron, as it will burn. Repeat in pulses at least a few times, making sure the rag stays wet.

Allow wood to dry, and then proceed to oil/steel wool process above.

If a customer is unable to repair a piece to their satisfaction, we can help arrange to have it professionally done, or when possible do it ourselves.