What we are about: Modern Furniture Details

City Joinery is a small company making furniture a piece at a time. Our designs are contemporary, or modern. We work primarily in solid wood, not veneer, and often with other materials such as metal, glass, acrylic, and upholstery.

From dining tables, beds, and armoires to desks, dressers, and seating, we have many designs, and we make variations on these in different woods, sizes and with different details. We can also create a new design specific to a customer’s needs, space constraints, and tastes.

Our Approach:
City Joinery furniture is made from solid wood because, unlike veneered substrates, it has integrity, depth, and strength. Our furniture is designed to allow the wood to breathe.  We look for woods that have subtle variations in color and grain and we prefer to finish them in a way that emphasizes these, and combining these with metals only enhances their natural wonder.

Because most things are built to order, we encourage customers to choose from a variety of materials. We specialize in combining metal with wood, but also love using plastics, colored laminates, and felt, to name a few. Little known and sustainable wood species are of strong interest to us.

City Joinery was founded by a former architect whose design influences range from Mackintosh and Guimard, to Nakashima and the Danish modernists. Continuing this legacy of designer-craftspeople, we enjoy the challenge of balancing practicality and artistry. And as with forerunners such as Ruhlmann and William Morris, we take pride in cultivating relationships with our customers, in making objects that will inhabit their homes or workplaces for generations.

Over the 20+ years we have been sawing wood, our clients have come from all over the USA and across the world.  They are couples and families, museums and universities, corporations and partnerships, all who have trusted us with the task of making something important. Some are celebrities or well-know entities, but many are ordinary people or small businesses.