Sustainably harvested woods, salvage logs, natural finishing techniques

City Joinery has been committed to treading softly and being proactive since its founding 18 years ago.

Our Power:
About 90% of our electricity comes from water-powered turbines spread throughout the city of Holyoke, between the canals and under the mill buildings of this planned industrial city, designed around power production from the flow of the Connecticut River.

Our Woods:
Whenever possible our woods come from salvaged sources. Most of our maple, birch, cherry, walnut, sycamore, myrtle, and many other species are not from commercial harvests. This means that the trees have come down one-at-a-time, for some other reason than to generate revenue for big logging companies.  We buy them from responsible small dealers, usually family businesses, who care about the sustainability of their resources. We pay more for them because we want to know from whence they have come. We believe in lending value to land that is treated well.

Our Finishes:
We use only hand rubbed natural oil finishes, and so are neither adding solvents to the air, nor plastic to the woods we love.

Waste Management:
We have for many years donated all of our sawdust waste (which is formidable) to compost projects and farmers. Virtually all of our larger solid wood waste has been used for years to generate heat in an efficient Scandiavian wood-burning stove. Beyond this, we recycle all cardboards and metals, and so generate very little trash (about 1 cubic yard per week) for a production business of our size.

Durable Products:
Perhaps most importantly, we make durable, lovable things, which we intend will stay in our customers’ lives for decades, if not in their families for generations.  In this effort, we see ourselves very much in service of the earth.