City Joinery People: Jonah Zuckerman and Others

Jonah Zuckerman started his studio in 1996 with a simple idea: build contemporary furniture with traditional techniques. City Joinery has grown from a one-person operation to a company of eleven people in a 6,000 square foot space.

Jonah grew up in suburban New York City.  While getting a Fine Arts degree at Brown in the 1980s, he studied furniture making at Rhode Island School of Design.  He went on to get a masters degree in architecture at Harvard and then went on a Fulbright to Nepal to study traditional wood joinery.  In the mix, he worked in cabinet shops, on construction sites, for architecture firms, large and small, and in a big Vermont furniture factory, where he came to appreciate large scale production.

City Joinery was born at night, while Jonah worked by day in a large architecture firm.  It started with some wedding gifts, oddball pieces for family and friends’ parents.  Over a couple of years, enough paying work came in for Jonah quit his day job and devote all his time to growing City Joinery.

The staff of City Joinery are all committed craftspeople with diverse backgrounds, from fine arts to cooking, and from automotive to construction. They share a passion for wood, as a beautiful, sustainable material, and for the power of good design to give it new life.